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Graduate Assistant

Compensation for Graduate Assistants may not be less than the minimum stipend amount set by the Graduate Council each academic year. These minimum stipends are found in the Graduate Assistant Handbook.

An excel spreadsheet has been created to assist with determining the appropriate stipend amount. If you have any questions about calculating the appropriate stipend amount, please contact your Graduate Assistant Employment Consultant.

Extra Employment

Departments seeking to employ a Graduate Assistant (GA) outside of a GA appointment should contact the Employment Unit about the eligibility of the student they are considering employing. All requests for this type of employment must fall under either Student Employment or Graduate Extra Pay and must be submitted prior to the student beginning work.

Please read "Other Employment" in the Graduate Assistant Handbook prior to calling the Graduate Assistant Employment Consultant in Human Resources.

Compensation for Extra Employment

Compensation for services rendered by a graduate assistant on an irregular or one-time basis is considered extra pay. Graduate Assistant additional payments must be pre-approved by the Graduate Assistant Employment Consultant prior to any work being completed.

Additional Payment Submission