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Additional Pay Information

Employees who perform work outside of their job responsibilities may be eligible to be compensated through Additional Pays, Additional Increments/Acting Pay, or Overloads. Supervisors should contact an Employment Consultant at (309) 438-8311 before the additional work begins to determine how to appropriately compensate the employee.

Additional Pays are submitted and approved electronically through iPeople. Hourly employees are not eligible for Additional Pays. Please see the tutorial below for more information about submitting an Additional Pay.

Faculty Overloads must be processed on the New Hire PAF, and Faculty Acting Pay is processed through an applicable offer letter. Overloads and Additional Increments/Acting Pay for Administrative Professional and Civil Service employees should be discussed with an Employment Consultant to determine the proper course of action.

For employees represented by a union, please refer to applicable provisions in the union contract.

Additional pay should be consistent with information found in employee policies 3.2.11 - Employment in Excess of Full Time Appointment and/or 3.1.4 Acting/Interim Compensation.