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Student Employees

Student payments are not always in the form of employment. The Student Payment Determination Flowchart and the Student Payment – Types document are intended to help guide employing departments in the right direction for whom to contact and next steps.

In the event that it is determined payment fits employment of the student, the Employment Unit assists departments in placing open student employment positions on the applicant tracking system, ISU Jobs. Departments are encouraged to contact the Employment Unit for help as they develop postings to fill their positions. If a department has identified prospective candidates prior to posting a position in ISU jobs, they should contact the Student Employment Consultant for assistance with hiring those candidates.

The typical student employee recruitment and hiring process at Illinois State University follows these steps:

  1. Position and Funding Request for the Budget Office is submitted by department (if necessary). Please refer to this user guide if you need assistance completing the form.
    • Position and Funding Requests are not needed for students who are hired into positions for which a valid student position number already exists
    • A new position number, and therefore a Position and Funding Request, is needed if a student is being hired into a grant-funded position number and/or if a student is being hired into a position for which their supervisor and/or funding account differs from an existing student position number
  2. Job posting in ISU Jobs
  3. Interviews conducted by department interview team
  4. Pre-offer background checks
    • Request a background check by emailing the candidate’s name, UID, and posting number to
    • If the position requires fingerprints (assigned work on Laboratory Schools property), then have the student complete the Fingerprint Memo and Form, return the Form to Human Resources, and have the student set up an appointment to have their fingerprints done
  5. Job offer(s) is made by department
  6. Selection Form submitted through ISU Jobs
  7. Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification
    • All employees must have a valid I-9 Employment Eligibility form on file with the University. These forms are completed electronically.
    • All international employees must complete their I-9 form in Human Resources in the Nelson Smith Building Room 101.
    • The employee will need to present valid work authorization documents when completing their I-9. All documents must be originals; copies are not considered to be valid documentation.
    • Each hiring department should have at least one staff member who has received I-9 training. Contact Human Resources at (309) 438-8311 with any questions regarding the I-9 form.
  8. Employment Forms
    • Payroll Forms
      1. Illinois W-4, Federal W-4, and Direct Deposit Authorization
      2. These forms can be completed in the department, in Human Resources(Nelson Smith Building Room 101), or in Payroll(239 Suite E, College Place Uptown)
    • Office of Equal Opportunity and Access Forms (OEOA)
      1. DCFS Forms – Student employees will need to review the cover page for context, and then review and sign the actual DCFS acknowledgement. The student will keep the cover page and the hiring department will be responsible for sending the original DCFS acknowledgement form to OEOA via campus mail – Campus Box 1280.

Receipt of the selection form and Form I-9 begins a verification process within Human Resources. This leads to the finalization of most appointments and the sharing of the student employee’s information with other systems (such as Payroll and Student Accounts) within the University.

Selection Form v. Web Form

Selection Form: This form is used when a department is hiring through a posting that has generated a pool of applicants. Departments can create a posting (and later generate selection forms) through ISU Jobs.

Web form: This form is used to make changes on a current student employee’s existing appointment (changes in pay rate or position number and termination). Departments can access web forms through the Student Employment Web Form tool.

Background Checks

Student employment is contingent upon a satisfactory criminal background investigation per University policy.

Criminal Background Investigation Procedure University Policy 3.1.30

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