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Civil Service

Illinois State University is only as good as its people. The recruitment of a new employee is an important decision. We expect each recruitment decision to signal a long term commitment. Civil Service positions require several steps to complete the hiring process. The Employment Unit is here to guide you through this process with the goal of hiring the best candidate for the position.

Recruitment Process

The typical Civil Service recruitment process at Illinois State University follows these steps:

  1. Selection Process Training (if requested by department - not required)
    • Interview teams play a critical advisory role in the identification, recruitment, and evaluation of candidates. Teams are appointed in accordance with departmental or unit procedures, but all have the common goal of filling open positions with individuals who will advance the University's mission.
    • Determination of the members of an interview team should be made early in the recruitment process, ideally at the time the job description is being reviewed. Human Resources is available and willing to conduct Selection Process Training.
  2. Creating or updating the job description, which allows for proper classification **
  3. VP/Provost approval for permission so fill the position
  4. Position and Funding Request for the Budget Office. Please refer to this user guide if you need assistance completing the form.
  5. Job posting in ISU Jobs
  6. Advertising
    • The Employment Unit will advise and assist with developing and placing advertisements in:
      • Local newspapers
      • LinkedIn
      • Hire-A-Redbird
      • Western Avenue Community Center
      • State Universities Civil Service System office website
    • Departments are responsible for placing advertisements in:
      • Industrial or occupational specific Listservs
      • Specialized publications
  7. Screening applicants **
  8. Interviews and reference checks conducted by department interview team

** Job descriptions and Civil Service testing are not required for Extra Help positions

Hiring Process

After interviews have been conducted, notify your Civil Service Employment Consultant of the final candidate(s). The Employment Consultant will oversee the following:

  • Pre-offer background checks
  • Job offer(s)
  • Post-Offer Pre-Employment Physicals (if necessary - Department responsible for cost of Physical)
  • Initiate the onboarding process. This includes:
    • Hiring paperwork
    • ULID activation
    • Notifying the applicable IT unit to begin the computer provisioning process
    • Registration for New Employee Orientation(s) as appropriate
    • Notifying the supervisor of the necessary information (such as ULID) necessary to begin their portion of the onboarding, as well as sending the supervisor the Supervisor Onboarding Checklist.

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Background Checks

Civil Service positions are contingent upon a satisfactory criminal background investigation per University policy.

Criminal Background Investigation Procedure University Policy 3.1.30