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Administrative Professional Classifications

Administrative Professional (AP) appointments are considered to be exempt from the State Universities Civil Service System. Exemption status is determined by a thorough and comprehensive review of the job description.

Positions should first be evaluated to determine if an appropriate Civil Service job classification is available. If no Civil Service classification aligns with the job description, then the position can be made AP as long as it fits within the three different AP appointment types available.

More specific information regarding AP positions can be found on the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) website, under "Exemption Procedures."

Once the determination is made to classify a position as AP, your Employment Consultant will work with you to determine whether the position should be classified as continuous, non-continuous (date-definite) or a Postdoctoral Scholar.

Job Descriptions

A job description is required for every AP position. A job description is a record of the qualifications needed by the person in the job, the general duties and responsibilities of the position, and to whom the position reports. A job description is usually developed by conducting a position review, which includes examining the tasks necessary to perform the job.

A job description is a valuable tool that establishes the working relationship between employer and employee. A critical first step in updating an existing job description or creating a new job description is to contact an Employment Consultant.

All job descriptions are maintained by Human Resources within Illinois State University's position description and applicant tracking system, ISU Jobs.

Exemption Requirements

Administrative Professional (AP) appointments are considered to be one of three appointment types:

  • Primary Administrator [36e(2)] – These positions are typically given the authority for final campus decision-making and oversight by the Board of Trustees. These positions have the primary leadership and administrative authority over the entire campus, or unit thereof.
  • Principal Administrative [36e(3)] – These positions are charged with high level administrative responsibilities, whose decisions are based on administrative policies and who exercise discretion and independent judgment. Also, these positions can also be defined as those that require the employee to have knowledge of an advanced type in a field of science or learning customarily acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction and study, which requires the consistent exercise of discretion and judgment.
  • Teaching, Research, and Extension Faculty [36e(4)] – These positions have primary administrative or supervisory responsibilities of an academic unit engaged in academic instruction or research. These positions have direct academic or affiliated research components and are easily distinguished by these assignments and professional designations.

Title Change

In order to change the title for an Administrative Professional (AP) position, please contact Human Resources for detailed steps regarding the process. In order to reflect the current job responsibilities of the position, the job description must first be updated.