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SURS Disability

Employees who make contributions to a SURS retirement plan may be eligible for a SURS disability benefit if he or she becomes physically or mentally incapacitated and unable to reasonably perform the duties of his or her position for at least sixty days.

The disability benefit amount will be the greater of:

  • 50% of base compensation on the day of disability
  • 50% of average earnings for the 24 months prior to the date of disability

Base compensation is the normal contract salary; it does not include earnings for summer sessions or overtime. Disability benefit is considered income and is subject to federal income taxes. However, disability benefits are not subject to Illinois state income taxes.


The employee must have two years of service credit with SURS to qualify for the benefit. However, some employees may qualify for the disability benefit before accruing two years of credit if the disability is due to an accident. All sick leave benefits must be exhausted before SURS disability payments may begin.

To apply for a SURS disability, employees must first start the FMLA/Medical Leave application process. Your application must be on file with SURS within one calendar year after the date on which you disability occurred. For any questions regarding this benefit, please contact your Benefit Counselor at (309) 438-8311.

Prudential Long Term Disability

Prudential Long Term Disability (LTD) is an optional program available to eligible faculty and staff to supplement income in the event of a disability. Employees may participate in the Prudential Long Term Disability plan in addition to the SURS disability benefit program.

New employees who apply within 60 days of their date of hire only need to complete the Prudential LTD Enrollment form, additional underwriting is not necessary. Employees applying outside of the initial 60 day new hire phase must complete the Enrollment form and the Evidence of Insurability form.

Please review the Prudential Long Term Disability brochure for further plan information.

Contact Prudential at (866) 439-9026.

Prudential LTD Forms