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Timesheet Due Dates

Due dates for hourly and exempt/salaried employees are below. A full calendar of upcoming timesheet due dates and pay dates are available at Keep in mind when the period ends on a Saturday/Sunday, you may want to plan ahead and submit time in advance.

Hourly Employees
End of Pay Period/Timesheets Due Final Manager Approval 12:00 Noon
Tuesday, Oct 31                Thursday, Nov. 2
Weds, Nov. 15                   Friday, Nov. 17
Thursday, Nov. 30            Monday, Dec. 4 
Friday, December 15       Tuesday, Dec. 12***  
Sunday, December 31    Wednesday, January 3
Monday, January 15        Wednesday, January 17

***Early deadline due to compressed pay cycle - University shuts down on Dec. 21)

Monthly Employees
End of Pay Period Final Manager Approval 12:00 Noon
Tuesday, Oct 31    Thursday, Nov. 2
Thursday, Nov. 30   Monday, Dec. 4 
Sunday, December 31  Wednesday, January 3