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Student Employment

Student employment positions encompass a wide variety of jobs across all interests, skill levels, and time commitments.

Current and incoming students are encouraged to apply on ISU Jobs for student employment positions for which they meet the specified qualifications.

ISU Jobs is a great resource for Illinois State students. A student who is seeking employment can use the website to create one application that can be applied to a multitude of positions, as well as view and apply to open positions and track the status of their on campus applications.

The majority of on-campus student employment positions revolve around the academic calendar, with the beginning and ending dates of academic terms determining the peak hiring times for student positions. Departments like to have student employees hired prior to the start of each semester, which means that the best times to find on campus employment positions are May through mid-August and November through the end of December.

In addition to on campus positions, ISU Jobs serves as an advertising venue for part-time, off campus federal work study employment opportunities.

The average student employment position averages 10 hours per week while school is in session, though the expected hours per week varies by department and position. Some positions require a regular work schedule while others are seasonal or event-based.

Illinois State University student employees are restricted to no more than 28 hours per week of on campus employment for all positions held. Please see the following link for more information: Affordable Care Act (ACA)