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Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistantships normally consist of duties which directly contribute to the student's professional career goals.These assistantships (Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, Graduate Practicums, and Pre-Professional Assistantships) are available in most academic departments/schools as well as in our administrative units.

Current and incoming graduate students are encouraged to apply on ISU Jobs for assistantship positions for which they meet the specified qualifications.

Most assistantships are filled for the upcoming academic year in mid to late spring. Many postings for the following academic year begin accepting applications in early to mid-fall.

Graduate Assistant Handbook - Qualifications and rules governing graduate assistantships

The time necessary to accomplish the assigned tasks will vary from person to person and from assignment to assignment. Deviations from the average can be expected as part of acquiring the skills of each student’s profession or from exceptional off-campus activities (e.g. field trips or conference participation).

Graduate assistants should expect to work anywhere between 10 and 28 hours per week. The FTE (hours per week) a GA works depends on the department and the employment classification. Since graduate assistants receive an offer letter prior to the start of the appointment, the GA is responsible for understanding the number of hours he/she is expected to work per week.

Illinois State University graduate assistants are restricted to no more than 28 hours per week of on campus employment for all positions held. Please see the following link for more information: Affordable Care Act (ACA)