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Additional Benefits

The University offers a growing variety of additional benefits and discounts for employees, including:

Benefits List

  • Adoption Benefit Program

The Department of Central Management Services (CMS) provides the Adoption Benefit Program to assist State of Illinois employees who adopt. To encourage adoption, especially of children who traditionally wait longer for families, the Adoption Benefit Program will reimburse eligible employees for some adoption expenses.

For further information regarding eligibility, benefit amounts, expense reimbursement, and documentation requirements, please review:

Questions regarding the Adoption Benefit Program should be direction to the Department of Central Management Services at (800) 442-1300 or (217) 782-2548. For TDD/TTY, please call (800) 526-0844.

For general questions concerning adoption, please contact the Adoption Information Center of Illinois at (800) 572-2390.

  • College Savings Accounts

The BrightStart and College Illinois plans are tax-advantaged programs designed to help save for college expenses. Enrollment information on these programs is provided in every new hire benefit packet.

For more information on investing and plan details, please visit:

  • Discount Offers

General Employee Discounts

Illinois State University is proud to be part of a community recognizing and rewarding our faculty and staff with discounted products and services.

Travel Discounts

Illinois State University has contracted with various travel service providers to bring you great rates when traveling for business purposes.

  • Domestic Partner Benefits

Illinois State University recognizes same and opposite-sex domestic partnerships.

For an overview of the benefits extended to domestic partners, please review:


  • Flexible Spending Accounts (MCAP/DCAP)

The State of Illinois provides employees with IRS tax-favored Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to stretch medical expense and dependent care dollars. Optum Financial (formerly ConnectYourCare) is the plan administrator for the FSA Program. The Medical Care Assistance Plan (MCAP) allows members to pay eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, prescription and vision expenses incurred during the plan year with tax-free dollars. The Dependent Care Assistance Plan (DCAP) allows members to pay eligible child and/or adult day care expenses incurred during the plan year with tax-free dollars.

Flexible Spending Accounts feature:

  • IRS-approved reimbursement of eligible expenses tax-free
  • Per-pay period deposits from your pretax salary
  • Savings on income taxes
  • Security of paying anticipated eligible expenses with your FSA

The Flexible Spending Accounts are available to Illinois State University employees who are:

  • Receiving a paycheck from which deductions can be taken
  • Eligible to participate in the state employees' group insurance health plan
    • Special note on eligibility for DCAP Participants: If you are married, your spouse must also be gainfully employed, a full time student, disabled and incapable of self-care, or seeking employment and have income for the fiscal year.

For more information about Flexible Spending Accounts, please review:


  • Health Promotion and Wellness

Health Promotion and Wellness serves the faculty, staff, students, and retirees of Illinois State University as the campus resource for health and wellness with the goal of achieving a thriving and engaged campus.

  • Health Savings Account

An HSA is like a 401(k) for healthcare, yet the HSA tax benefits are far greater. It is a tax favored, interest bearing account that certain active State employees can use to pay for qualified medical expenses, now, or in the future. The vendor for the HSA is PayFlex. Active State employees who qualify (see Qualifying for an HSA below), can save or invest the account funds. Paired with the Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), an HSA is a powerful financial tool that gives you more control of your healthcare decisions. An HSA offers triple tax savings.

  • Pre-tax or tax deductible contributions
  • Tax-free interest or investment earnings
  • Tax-free distributions, when used for qualified medical expenses

The State will contribute a third of the deductible to an active State employee’s HSA. You may also contribute an additional $3,050 for individual; or $6,100 for family, to your HSA through pretax payroll deductions or post tax direct payment. Active State employees can make tax free withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses, for you and your eligible dependents. HSAs are portable. Unlike an FSA, there is no "use it or lose it" rule with HSAs. Unused contributions remain in the account each year, earning tax free interest. If the employee invests HSA funds, those funds remain in the investment account. HSAs offer the potential for long term, tax free savings that can be used for future healthcare expenses including; out of pocket expenses after retirement, Medicare and long term care (LTC) premiums, up to IRS limits and certain LTC expenses. There are no income limitations.

Qualifying for an HSA

  • Must be covered by the Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) administered through CMS
  • Do not have other health coverage (except what is permitted under the Other Health coverage on federal website)
  • Must not be enrolled in Medicare; including Part A
  • Cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return
  • Hearing Instruments and Related Services
For those in need of hearing instruments and related services, there is a $2,500 benefit every 24 months through all plans when a hearing care professional prescribes a hearing instrument. To access this benefit, employees must contact their plan provider.
  • MyBenefits Plus

MyBenefits Plus is a voluntary benefit program available to employees who are considered full-time for CMS benefit purposes. Premiums will be deducted through Payroll. There are a multitude of services provided under this program. Additional information can be found here.

  • Accident Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Pet Health Insurance

Questions regarding the specifics of these benefits and their associated costs should be directed to the vendors via the MyBenefits portal ( or (844) 251-1777 and for TDD/TTY (844) 251-1778)

  • Remote Work

Remote work (also known as work from home) is designed to support a strategy that maximizes productivity and performance, regardless of the work location, sustains the recruitment and retention of a highly qualified workforce by enhancing work/life balance and promotes administrative efficiencies. Illinois State University supports the use of remote work arrangements within the bounds of good public practice and business operations. It should be incorporated into the continuity of operations for each organizational unit/department and is designed for employees who fill job classifications/positions that have been determined to be eligible for such an arrangement. For more information, see the current University policy for staff.

Remote Work Requests

Remote Work Requests take into consideration the position, the department or unit, and the employee. Requests are for up to 12-months in duration, and employees and supervisors are encouraged to review policy, complete a self-assessment/work-assessment, have a dialogue about this opportunity, and understand the benefits and conditions that are most appropriate for this type of arrangement.

  • Sick Leave Bank

The Sick Leave Bank serves as a depository into which participating employees may donate accrued sick leave time for allocation to other participating employees. The purpose of the bank is to alleviate the hardship caused if catastrophic illness or injury forces the employee to exhaust all sick leave time earned by that employee and thereby lose compensation.

Sick Leave Bank Program University Policy 3.1.38

  • Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation Program provided through the Department of Central Management Services is available to group insurance members and their enrolled dependents. The program provides a rebate toward the cost of a smoking cessation program.

Questions regarding the Smoking Cessation Program should be directed to the Department of Central Management Services at (800) 442-1300 or (217) 782-2548. For TDD/TTY, please call (800) 526-0844.

Employees may also contact their group health plan administrator directly to find out about additional smoking cessation benefits offered by the plan. To contact the group health plan administrator, employees should either logon as a member to the plan's website or call the phone number on the back of the insurance card.

  • Weight Loss Program

As a commitment to an employee's overall wellness, eligible plan participants are entitled to receive a rebate towards the cost of an approved weight loss program. The maximum rebate is $200 once every three plan years. Employees who utilize a weight loss program are eligible for the weight-loss benefit through the Department.

The weight loss benefit is available to all employees who are eligible for benefits under the State Employees Group Insurance Program. Active employees who opt out or waive health coverage under the Program are not eligible for this benefit, nor are dependents, retirees, annuitants or survivors.

Reimbursement Documentation Requirements

  • Receipt indicating payment for the weight loss program
  • Employee's name, address, and telephone number
  • Requests for the Weight Loss Program reimbursements must be submitted to the Department within one year from the date of the receipt.

Ineligible Expenses

The following services are not eligible for reimbursement unless they are an integral part of the weight loss program.

  • Fitness club membership
  • Over-the-counter supplements or drug therapy
  • Dietary food products
  • Hypnosis
  • Acupuncture


Send documentation to:

Weight Loss Benefit
DCMS Group Insurance Division
801 S. 7th Street
P.O. Box 19208
Springfield, IL 62794-9208

More Information

The Department of Central Management Services (Department) is the plan administrator for the weight loss benefit. Questions regarding the weight loss benefit should be directed to the Member Services Unit at (800) 442-1300 or (217) 558-4486.