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“I feel fortunate to work with colleagues who are passionate about making Illinois State University a welcoming environment for all who live, learn, and work here.”
Nikki Brauer
Director, Health Promotion and Wellness
“Working at ISU is about providing the highest level of service to our campus community, and exemplifying the true spirit of teamwork.”
Aaron Woodruff
University Police Chief
“The environment and people here really support personal and professional growth, as well as fostering a strong-knit community.”
Rosie Hauck
Associate Professor
“I am passionate about giving our student employees creative, hands on opportunities that provide them with a positive outlook into the world of food.”
Desarae Topolski
Food Service Administrator II


Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Student / Extra Help Employees

Starting August 16, 2015, Illinois State University began limiting the number of work hours/week to 28 hours for student employees, graduate assistants, civil service extra-help, and other employment types who work 4.5 months or less or are otherwise ineligible for the State's group health insurance benefits under the State of Illinois Group Insurance Act. The work week commences at 12:00 a.m. on Monday and concludes at 11:59 p.m., Sunday. Read More.



To ensure timely payment, updated leave balances, and compliance with the State Ethics Act, employee time must be reported online in iPeople (the Human Resources Information System at ISU).  Here is a quick look at upcoming time reporting due dates (semi-monthly employee dates reflected below; monthly employees 'End of Pay Period' are always the dates reflecting 'last day of month' in the chart):

End of Pay Period: Manager Approval Deadline:
Sat., Oct. 15 Tues., Oct. 18
Mon., Oct. 31 Wed., Nov. 2
Tues., Nov. 15 Thurs., Nov 17
Weds., Nov. 30 Fri., Dec. 2

Click here to view a full 2016 calendar year of dates for deadlines to submit and approve time

Pay and Other Information

Pay Dates and Payroll Calendars are available on the Payroll Website

Training and Other Information available on the iPeople section of this site 

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