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Is my personal information secure?

Yes. The iPeople system will be governed by the Illinois State University's Information Privacy Guidelines to ensure privacy of information. Access to your information will be secure and protected using state of the art security measures.

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Who should I contact for more information?

The iPeople Implementation Team is available to answer your questions and welcomes your comments.

Staff Members

Derek Story

Ramona Swanberg
Time Reporting

David Schaafsma
Reports and Queries

Tammy Bains
HRIS Benefits Analyst

Kelly Walker
HRIS Benefits Analyst

Rhonda Lovell
Data Management Supervisor

Gail Norris
Civil Service Data

Dawn Iseminger
Academic Employee Data

Michael Hudgins
Time Reporting

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I am a salaried employee. Do I need to report administrative closures and holidays?

Online timesheets will be pre-populated with planned administrative closures and holidays. You will retain responsibilities for reviewing, editing, and approving appropriate time.

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Will I be able to see and manage my personnel budgets in the new iPeople system?

iPeople is a Human Resource and Payroll system and will not house personnel budgets. However, a new Budget Management and Reporting system (Budget Wizard) will provide access to personnel budgets.

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My hourly employee forgot to report her hours for the previous pay period. Can I just lump them together with her current pay period hours?

Although it might seem simpler to report all hours in one lump sum on the current timesheet, it can cause audit issues. ISU's time reporting policy requires employee hours to be reported when the hours were actually worked.  Go back to those previous pay periods to enter late hours by day, and then approve them for your employee. Payroll will automatically pick hours in previous pay periods and will process them appropriately in one paycheck. If you have difficulty accessing the older pay periods, please contact HR at 438-1680.

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I received a phone call/email about approving time for an employee that no longer reports to me. What should I do?

If an employee no longer reports to you due to a position change, it is important for you to contact the HR department at Illinois State University to request a change in the iPeople system to reflect this employee’s new time approver. These requests for change should be made to your employment consultant.  

Contact Human Resources at the address and phone number below and they will direct you to the appropriate person:

101 Nelson Smith Building
Campus Box 1300 
Normal, Il 61790-1300
Phone: (309) 438-8870

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I  have approved time for an employee several times, however I still get notifications that time is still outstanding… what am I doing wrong?

There could be a few things that are occurring with the time approval process. Some things to be aware of as you complete the time approval process are listed below:

  • When you intend to approve time, be certain that you are selecting all the time that you want to approve.
  • Ensure that you click the "Approve Selected" button and not the "Submit" button when you intend to approve time. If you click the "Submit" button you are submitting the employee’s time for approval and you are not approving the time.
  • When you have already approved time and have selected the OK button on the next screen, do not go back and click the "Submit" button again on the employee's profile. If you hit the "Submit" button again, it will reset that time that you had previously approved and this will prompt HR to contact you to request that you approve time again.
  • Another common mistake is that supervisors do not hit the OK button that appears on the page after you click "Approve Selected." If you do not click the "OK" button, the approval process will be incomplete and you will have to approve the time again. Be sure to select the OK button.
  • The last thing that could be occurring is that your employee could be entering time after you have approved their original timesheet. Employees are able to submit time up until 2 calendar days following the pay period. Set firm deadlines for your employees’ timecards. You may also explain to your employees that if they submit time after you have approved their initial submission, that they will need to inform you of the addition/subtraction/alteration.

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Do I need to submit zero time for myself or my employees?

No, you do not need to enter zero time into the system. If you did not work or report any other benefit time into the timesheet, there is no need to add a zero to the time sheet. There are two instances when it may be necessary to enter zero into a timesheet.

  • If you are altering an already submitted time sheet, you may need to report zero hours if you are removing previously reported time.
  • If an employee is reporting time for his/her last pay period at ISU, reporting and approving zero time will help expedite the payout process.

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Do I need to approve zero time for my employees?

Yes, all time entered into the iPeople system needs to be approved by a supervisor. If you want to enter in zero time or if you want your employees to enter in zero time, make sure you approve all zero time as well as normal hours.

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How do I make a correction to an employee’s time sheet?

  • Pull up the employee's time sheet
  • Find the incorrect time with the time code
  • Zero out the incorrect time and click Submit
  • Add a new row and Time Reporting Code
  • Enter in the new time with the new time reporting code in the new row. Click Submit.
  • Refresh the profile page
  • Approve the corrected time and the zero time for the employee

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When does time need to be approved for each time period?

Generally, time needs to be approved by supervisors by 4:00 pm two business days after the time period has ended. The time periods end on the 15th and the last day of each month. 

You can also find a list of upcoming dates for time approvals / time card due dates on the Illinois State HR homepage.

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What happens to my employee’s pay if his or her time is not approved by the payroll deadline?

If an hourly employee does not complete his / her time sheet and / or the supervisor does not approve the reported time, the employee risks not being paid on the current pay cycle. He / she will be paid after the time is approved, but iPeople will not automatically process this time until the next pay period.

If a salaried employee fails to report his / her benefit time away from work, he / she will be paid; however his / her benefit balances may be incorrect. The benefit balances will be adjusted after the pay cycle is complete.

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This employee was recently terminated, do I still need to approve any time that is outstanding from their last pay cycle?

Yes, if a terminated employee has submitted time for approval and it is accurate, the you should approve the time. The employee will be removed from your employee list shortly after termination. If you notice that an employee is still on your employee list a few weeks after termination, please contact your employment consultant to request a change.

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What happens if my employee does not enter in their holiday/sick/vacation time properly?

If any employee were to enter in the wrong time reporting code, you as the supervisor could alter his or her time sheet. However, it is best if you discuss the adjustments with the employee before changing Time Reporting Codes or hours on the timesheet.

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What are time reporting codes?

Time Reporting Codes (TRCs) are basically categories of time for employees to use within the iPeople system to accurately report work time and/or time away from work. Employees need to select a time reporting code for each type of absence including illness, vacation, holiday, etc. An example of Salaried time reporting codes are listed below. All you need to do to select the time reporting code is to click on it and it will turn blue letting you know that you have chosen a code.  In addition, you will need to report the number of hours you worked or were away from work for that specific time reporting code. A full list of Time Reporting Codes is found here:

Time Reporting Codes screen shot

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How do I view my paycheck?

  • Under the Self Service Button, you can find access to your individual pay checks.
  • Under the Self Service Button, go to Payroll and Compensation.
  • In order to look at your paychecks, select the "View Paycheck" Button.
  • You can then select individual pay cycles and pay checks to view in this format
  • Be sure to turn off any "Pop-up Blockers" currently on in your web browser.

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Do I still need to approve time for school sanctioned holidays for my employees?

Yes, you can approve holidays as you normally would for any other reported time; however, be sure you know what employees receive the University designated holidays. Some employees have no University designated holidays and others have varying schedules on holidays. It is important that you know which employees receive which holidays.  If you are in a bargained unit, you may want to refer to your contract for Holiday Schedules (link to Contracts Page). There are also calendars published for the specific Holiday Schedules of benefit-eligible employees found here:

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How do I see what employees report to me?

Under iPeople, go to the following tabs:

  • Time and Labor
  • View Time
  • Time Reporters in Groups
  • Enter in your Group ID (Found under your Job Data Information page)

Time Approval screen shot

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I can't enter/approve time for my employee; the boxes on the timesheet are grayed out?

More often than not this is due to a mid-pay period employment change. Typically this is when a new hire begins on a date that isn't the 1st or 16th of the month.

On the employee's timesheet, change the "View By" drop-box from "Time Period" to "Week," enter the employee’s hire date in the date field next to it, then hit the little yellow "Refresh" button next to it. This should allow for hours to be entered on the timesheet.

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